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Weekly Roundup – 31/01/2021

Last week ended with a marathon and a run in the snow but it also ended with a but of an issue with my right foot. With some challenges planned in February, I was going to take things easy this week with minimal running.

After the marathon I probably shouldn’t have run the following day in the snow as even though we don’t get an awful lot of snow in Newport, running in just a small amount can be a tougher workout than just running on tarmac. By the end of the run I was in a bit of discomfort with a pain around the ankle.

Fuel Haul

In preparation for some February challenges (which I hope I can attempt) I purchased some ‘fuel’ from XMiles. Spring energy has been a hit so far as well as the Duo Bars and I’m going to try the Power Bar PowerGel as an alternative to Clif/Gu blocks and the Gu Roctane and SiS Beta Fuel for liquid refreshment.

XMiles has become my go-to site for gels, bars and drinks and has a fantastic selection with the option to by individual items as well as in bulk plus they offer starter packs to allow you to try an entire range.

Replacement Flasks

I’ve used Salomon hydration vests since I started running longer distances and have always paired them up with the Salomon flasks. The flasks are produced by Hydrapak so there are plenty of others available but have stuck with Salomon as I’ll know they’re fit perfectly in the vests.

I’ve had a variety of flasks over the years so have experienced the evolution of them. The earlier ones I used ended up leaking in a few places (they were happy to replace them) and the design has improved to make them easier to use.

The current ones I’ve got have been well used and it’s showing in the yellowing of the plastic so purchased two of the the newest version with the ‘speed’ caps. The design is quite different to the current flasks, particularly the bottom, but they look like there’s less places for them to leak like with the old ones I have.

Finishing off Grangetown

After Monday – Friday off running I wanted to test things out with the foot so opted for a run that wasn’t challenging and wasn’t too long so decided to tick off the remaining streets in the Grangetown area of Cardiff. The route would take me to the streets near IKEA and ASDA and across the Grangetown Link road to the International Sports Village.

I’d run parts of this area before but the route gave me some new views of places I was familiar with such as along the River Taff or the path along the River Ely. As it was a stormy day the more exposed parts of the International Sports Village turned the run into more of a plod but the foot didn’t feel too bad. I’d run 10k and was tempted to run further but didn’t want to tempt fate and cause any further issues. I’d usually run on a Sunday but have decided to stick to just the one run this week.

Next Week?

I’m going to start the week with a test run to see how the foot is and I’m still hoping that I’ll be able to attempt the February challenges.

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