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Severn Bridge 5 Night Race

The Severn Bridge 5 Night Race was the first time time this race has been run and is part of the series of night races organised by Rogue Runs.

I decided in the afternoon of the race that I would go out there and and have fun and take it easy. I even said the same thing to a fellow runner near the start line. Then I found myself near the front of the start line. Queue competitive streak!

Actually, I was being more competitive with myself rather than racing others and from the gun I found myself keeping up with one of the leading packs. The fastest runners were long gone but I kept up with the others on the incline up the bridge and maintained it.

Cresting the bridge it was slightly faster going down the other side before hitting an ascent up a short hill (love the opportunity to gain a place or two up a hill!).

Heading over the toll booth (I never realised there was a public path) you run through Aust Services and down through the darkest section of the course before double backing on yourself and heading back up over the bridge.

This section was becoming a little tough and when you’re not running with many people it becomes more challenging. The couple of runners that were in front of me were breaking away on the other side of the bridge so I was running alone.

Determined to get a good time I tried hard to maintain my pace and after a quick pose for the camera I was heading back down beneath the bridge to the finish line. Crossing the line you received a medal and a bottle a water but if you want your cake it’s a little trek back to the race HQ!

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