Wales Coast Path: Newport to Cardiff

As part of training from the Gower ultra, I completed a section of the Wales Coast Path between Llantwit Major and Cardiff. The path is well used and maintained and is very easy to navigate without a map. Keen to complete more of the path, I had planned another route for a long Sunday run.

I was originally planning on running the section between Chepstow and Newport but at 26+ miles, it was probably wise to plan a little for it and not attempt it the day after a cross country race. As an alternative, I opted to head in the other direction from Newport to Cardiff through Peterstone Wentloog.

The Route

Running from home, it took about 2 miles to get to the Wales Coast Path near the Transporter Bridge. From here it heads inland through Maesglas then through Dyffryn in the direction of the coast. You head towards where the Ebbw River flows into the River Usk.

After crossing the railway line that runs between Newport and Cardiff, the path soon became extremely muddy and wearing road shoes I was soon evaluating my options. Fortunately a 4×4 from the electricity board drove alongside me and after a comment about my incorrect footwear pointed out a slightly longer, but a lot less muddy route along a ridge which ultimately then became the Wales Coast Path.

The path continues along a ridge past the Lighthouse caravan park and pub and onto Peterstone Wentloog. On a sunny December morning with the sun low in the sky, you can’t help stopping to survey the scenery.

Passing Peterstone Wentloog you may encounter some friendly horses grazing on the path or longhorn cattle on Peterstone Great Wharf.


The path heads inland through a small nature reserve alongside a refuse tip then following Rover Way towards the traveller’s camp. Unfortunately there is a large amount of waste dumped around the camp including metal, electronics and fridges. It’s a shame as the refuse tip is only a mile away.

The path winds around the back of Sims Metal and a small area of land that offers refuge from the noise of Rover Way and the industrial units. The path then rejoins Rover Way which becomes Ocean Way and heads towards the city centre.

I left the path at Tyndall Street to head into the City Centre but the path heads through Atlantic Wharf towards the Millennium Centre where it then crosses the barrage.

At 18 miles, this was more than enough for me after Beer Running Club and XC the day before. I was so fortunate to have stunning weather which meant I had an opportunity to take photographs of both the scenery and the wildlife.

Route Map


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