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Mikkeller Running Club (Cardiff)


Back in March 2016 I caught the running bug. I caught it from the inaugural run of the Cardiff chapter of the Mikkeller Running Club. 

For those not immersed in the beer world like myself, Mikkeller is a world-renowned brewer that makes some of the best beers in the world. Mikkeller, aka Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, also happens to like running as much as beer so launched the Mikkeller Running Club and chapters soon popped up around the globe. 

The aim of the club is for beer fans to meet up on a monthly basis for a 5K or 10K run followed by a couple of beers and chat. It’s very informal and runners are encouraged to run at their own pace.
The Cardiff Chapter meets at the Bottle Shop in Roath with the run heading around Roath Pleasure Gardens, Park and Lake. One complete lap is 5K so you can either complete a single lap and head back to the shop or complete another lap. 

Back at the shop beer is offered at a 20% discount with many drinking and chatting until late in the morning. 

I’ve met some great people at the club with many running since the very first meet. Running with like-minded people that race events from 10K to ultramarathons has helped me develop a passion for running and enter increasingly challenging races. 

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I once didn't run, then I started to run and got addicted. Then Crohn's Disease put a stop to my running adventures. Now I'm back with a new bum (colostomy) and starting to embark on new running adventures.

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